After Peggy died, many people were emotionally affected and expressed this in different ways. I (Amelia) began making quilts out of her worn clothes. It's a way to be close to her through being close to her unique and expressive clothing. The worn pieces were just too sentimental for us to donate.

Other people wrote about her life, or how she affected them; my Dad wrote an incredible eulogy of his memories of their 42 years together. My sister Jane composed an achingly beautiful poem. Her friend and former business partner at clothware, Donna Southwell, wrote of their friendship together.

If you have a memory of Peggy that you would like to share, or an art piece, a poem, anything, please get in touch via the contact page!


I remember.... by Britt Hall
When you become the Earth by Jane Hall
Memorial Vignettes by Amelia Weber Hall
Descansa en Paz, Eulogy for Peggy by Michael Feldman
Memories of Peggy by Donna Southwell
Memories of Peggy by Diane Jaquith
Memories of Peggy by Ree Coleman
Memories of Peggy by Ginny Saunders
Memories of Peggy by Sarah Faldetta
The Playground at St. Bernard's Elementary School


Coming as soon as I photograph them!