Welcome to Memorial Birdbaths by Peggy Weber

Memorial Birdbaths by Peggy Weber was created several years ago to fill a growing need for an alternative way to honor and memorialize beloved family and pets, especially those that loved and felt at one with nature. Each birdbath is custom crafted to reflect the life of the memorialized loved one. A popular Harvard educated Boston area designer and landscape painter for over 30 years, Peggy personally brings her artistic sensibility to the creation of each memorial. Peggy is able to evoke the true spirit of the beloved. Birdbath memorials are composed primarily of granite and concrete. They are portable, all weather memorials perfect for a special place in the garden, or on the patio or deck.

Peggy is able to evoke the true spirit of the beloved by incorporating personal memorabilia, such as rock collections, shells, costume jewelry, medals, sea glass, mirrors, pottery, china, eyeglasses, marbles, buttons, beads, ashes and cremains into the concrete of each birdbath. The resulting birdbath is a poignant and meaningful living memorial dedicated to the water needs of birds. When placed lower, these custom basins can take care of water needs for small mammals such as cats, dogs, rabbits or squirrels.

What would you save in a catastrophe? Turns out, most of us would try to secure our photos. Love, along with the happy memories it inspires, are all that truly matter in life. Peggy offers commissioned landscapes painted from snapshots of your favorite vacation views. Click here to see what having a painted piece of paradise can do for you or your loved ones.